• Nepal Trekking

    Thin air and snowy vistas greet visitors to Nepal’s heavenly Himalayas, Sanskrit for “abode of the snow,” and famous for its towering peaks and trekking trails. The country’s Langtang region is often overlooked for more popular and expensive areas, yet it is full of world-class treks. These photos capture a seven-day trek along the Gosain Kund trail, a path that winds through lush forests, snow-capped peaks, and scrubby highlands.

  • A porter carrying trekking supplies arrives to Sing Gompa, a mountain town in Nepal’s highlands, 2012
  • Hand spinning wool in a small village between the highland villages of Dunche and Sing Gompa
  • A rugged pack horse grazes in the Nepali highlands
  • A cheese maker’s shop in Sing Gompa where traditional wood fires and yak milk create delicious cheese
  • The lush, rocky trail connecting Sing Gompa to Laurebina
  • Snow-covered mountains appear in the forested hillsides along the path connecting Sing Gompa and Laurebina
  • Panoramic views from Laurebina (3900m), one of the Gosain Kund trek’s highest spots
  • Porters trek up a rock- and snow-covered mountainside connecting Gosain Kund to Ghopte
  • A porter carries a bundle of leaves on the rocky trail between Ghopte and Kutumsang
  • Remnants of a recent snow covers flowers on the trail section between Ghopte and Kutumsang
  • Breathtaking vistas are common throughout the Gosain Kund Trail, including between Ghopte and Kutumsang
  • Clouds seem to flow up the snowy mountainside along the Gosain Kund to Ghopte portion of the trail

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